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What's a Party Fiddle Factory Stumpf Fiddle?

The "Stump" or "Stumpf" Fiddle manufactured by the Party Fiddle Factory in Florence, Wisconsin is a unique folk music instrument with origins in the rhythm sticks of Central Europe. Stumpf Fiddles are common in Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Depending on location, it may also be called the "Polka Cello", "Pogo Cello", "Poco Cello", "Hum Strum", "boom-ba", "boom bass", "Teufel Stick", among others.

It is a musical instrument that is fun and easy to play and can be played with virtually any type of upbeat music such as: Polkas, Bluegrass, Rock 'n Roll, Country, etc.

A popular use is in a Tavern, or Saloon, where one or several are made available to patrons to play along with the Jukebox or a performing musical band.

Party Fiddle Factory's Stump Fiddles are crafted from the highest quality materials and assembled by hand in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

How Do You Play a Party Fiddle Factory Stumpf Fiddle?

The Party Fiddle Factory Stump Fiddle is played by bouncing it on the floor to keep the beat as the bells jingle, pans rattle and springs vibrate in rhythm.

The key to a good quality sound is to play by striking the pans, springs, woodblock or bell during the lifting motion after striking the floor.

Combinations of sounds can be achieved by striking the pans at various points, stroking the wood block or springs, tapping or snapping the springs, and so on.

Others can join in playing additional Stump Fiddles, Musical Washboard, Bamboo Sticks, Tambourine, Maracas, Musical Spoons, and more ...

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